Here are my three tips to help improve your immune system and avoid colds and flu this winter.

In this video, I explain why eating lots of colourful fruit and vegetables are vital for a healthy immune system.

I also provide ideas on how to relax away from technology and finally, I share my favourite supplements to keep your immunity strong this winter.


Video Transcription:

Hi there! In today’s video I’m sharing three tips to improve your immune system.

The first tip is to add as many colours, through fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. So this will give us lots of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, which are vital for a strong immune system.

So a few ideas is adding colourful berries to porridge for breakfast, adding soup at lunch and having dinners that have plenty of colourful veg like stir fries and curries.

The next tip is to bring more relaxation into every day and to make this without technology. Okay, so a lot of the time we’re numbing out when we think we’re resting, so out in nature reading a book, listening to lovely music. Okay. Our immune system needs relaxation and recovery from stress to be strong.

And the next tip is to have a few really useful supplements. One that I really like is from Terra Nova. It’s an elderberry and astragalus complex. You’ll get this in your local health shop.

Also, vitamin D is vital at this time of year and an added tip is to get your vitamin D levels checked. And then you know how much supplementation you need. And also a good probiotic on a regular basis is really important for our good gut bacteria, which we need for a strong immune system.

Okay! Take care!