Enjoying your food

As a Nutritional Therapist I aim to help people to bring their eating habits back to basics. We can get so confused about what we ‘should’ be eating that we forget about what we really want to eat. We have lost trust in our bodies to lead us to the foods our body needs at this moment in time. Life is constantly changing and so do our needs and desires around food. By supporting a re-connection with how we are feeling in our bodies we can start to improve our relationship with food.

Eating foods that make us feel good and bring us joy creates beneficial hormones and electrochemical reactions in our body. Our thoughts around food affect our digestion and therefore nutrient absorption.

The process starts with buying food we will enjoy eating. Buying food with a feel good story will start the beneficial effect this food will have on our body. Our feelings around how a food is produced and marketed can be the start of digesting that food. The better we feel about the food the better we will benefit from the food.

How we eat the food with effect also how our body will respond. Eating food slowly and in a relaxed environment will positively influence our health and well-being. A simple ritual around food like sitting down to a set table and giving thanks for our food is a great way to make the most of the food that’s going to be eaten.

Slowing down and becoming more conscious of the quality of our food we eat and how we eat our food is a fantastic way to improve our relationship with food so we benefit more from the food and vitamin P – pleasure is received.