Fresh start

The new year is a great time to refocus on how we are feeling about ourselves and our life in general. I have learnt that our feelings are the best indicators to guide us to a healthier and happier life. Awareness of how we feel is the key. For example if we want to lose weight, our feelings on our current weight may be frustration, depression or anger.

I believe the first step to take is feeling better about where we are and taking the steps that will help make us feel better. Instead of focusing on an outer goal of reaching a weight by a certain date, focus on the better feelings you want to feel like joy, healthy and energised. Choosing the actions to help you feel these feelings can then become a lot easier and fun.

We need to love ourselves into making better choices instead of beating ourselves up. As a Nutritional Therapist my clients need clear positive steps to take towards better health, I support and encourage them to believe they deserve to feel great.

I also emphasis the importance of a mindful approach to life and this is especially important while eating . Simply taking our time to chew and be conscious of what we are eating can mean better digestion, noticing when we are truly satisfied and increasing our overall pleasure around food.

I am inspired by a wonderful writer and teacher Danielle LaPorte. She teachers us to find our ‘Core Desire Feelings’. Instead of wanting our dream car, we can focus on how we want to feel driving this car. Life has an amazing way of guiding us to situations that will increase these ‘Core Desire Feelings’. What are your ‘Core Desire Feelings’?

By the way, contrast in our life is essential. When we experience uncomfortable feelings such as fear, sadness and hatred use these as teachers. We can allow ourselves to feel these and in the present moment we can choose to move towards better feelings. They can help redirect and refocus us. We therefore don’t deny our feelings, instead realising we have the power to overcome and move through them.

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