Here is a video about the challenges I’ve experienced over the last year and the silver lining that has thankfully come from them.

I share about an exciting new health tool I’m offering in my practice that is transformational for our mind and overall health.

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Video Transcription:

Hi there!

So it’s been quite some time since I have made any video here online or have been on any of my social media channels. So, I am here today to make this video to let you know what have I been up to and I’ve exciting new discoveries to share with you.

So I’ll go right back to probably the end of last year. I got quite overwhelmed with I suppose wanting to move my business more online, wanting to reach more people. So looking at making online courses, doing more programs, one-to-one client packages that were more suitable for online.

And then so figuring out the best way to support and guide people who have health issues, who want to improve their health or overcome health challenges. So trying to, okay, first you’re figuring out the best way to support people, and then you’re marketing online. It’s a very busy space. There is so much information on health and wellness. So you’re trying to find the best avenues to get my message across and reach the people that I want to support. It got really overwhelming.

At the end of the year, into the new year, yeah, I found myself feeling quite anxious, rushed, overwhelmed. I was traveling a lot with work, so I really pulled back.

So that would have started in January, starting this year, pulled back, focused on my one-to-one clients, a lot of talks, going to schools, some businesses. And just reviewing and stepping back of, you know, to look at what would best suit me and clients. So I also had some health issues come up, so I had to really focus on them. And as I’ve learned over the years, I definitely need to, not need to but I have learned so much through my own health issues.

Two years ago, I made a video while I was in Costa Rica for a few months about my depression and anxiety that I had over many years from, you know, when I was a teenager and the times I went into real deep, deep depression, and what I’ve used and what I’ve discovered that really helped me. And what I can pass on to clients I work with.

So I suppose the first three-four months of the year I could feel this anxiety and I recognize it and you know, tried to do all the things that you should be doing. I have my business that’s very much me and supporting clients. So trying to balance that and you know, work life situation with looking after my own health and also keeping my business going and, but wanting to be at my very best. So feeling that pressure, to be, obviously the best I can be for my clients.

So when it came to May, I really dipped that anxiety then turned to burnout. Sleep for me, it’s when sleep really becomes a problem like many people, when I can”t sleep, it’s really hard to focus and be clear minded. So yeah, May and June were really, really challenging months when sleep just wasn’t happening. And the more you don’t sleep, you know, the worst, the worst of it builds up in your head as well.

So I went to the doctor I needed medication for, I needed short term medication for me in the past. I didn’t take medication, I found other means to help me, but I got over maybe that part of me that didn’t really want to give in to the medication. But you know, for now I can see how important it was and with a really understanding and compassionate doctor, got the right medication for me.

So I would have said in that video two years ago that I found this Neurofeedback system called Brainwave Optimization really helpful around seven years ago. So that was just really transformational and really helped my sleep back then and just overall making my brain function optimally. So that isn’t available anymore in Ireland. So I knew I couldn’t get that.

So I was researching Neurofeedback Systems in Ireland and then in Cork, where I’m living would have been, you know, the most convenient, especially when I was feeling really vulnerable. So I thankfully found a neurofeedback system called NeurOptimal and a brilliant therapist in East Cork, Michael.

Using this, in conjunction, with other therapies that he does and his own story around anxiety that he had for years and how it helped him, really just maybe connect and know this is for me.

So that started the end of June and within a few weeks I just, I was sleeping way better, I was able to gradually come off the medication, and by the middle of July I knew that I wanted this system myself, to use it personally and with the view of bringing it into my practice. So thankfully I was able to purchase this. Big investment, but I just knew this is what I want to bring into my practice in conjunction with my nutrition.

So I trained to be a trainer, it’s called, it’s Neuroptimal brain training. So you become a trainer and the software is incredible! So it’s about learning how to put two sensors on your scalp, two on the right ear and one sensor on your left ear. And the information is our electrical activity of our brain is brought into this particular incredible software.

And then music is played into earphones with little pauses. That is the information for our brain to actually be able to see the activity and whether that is the best activity for our brain. So it’s a very gentle but really transformational neurofeedback system.

So here I am! Okay. So I’m now ready to bring this into my practice. I have re-done my website, which is now ready and it’s been in the making for quite some time and it’s just really lovely that I can step back now and see, yes, the importance of the last year that has brought me to get this clarity and to be able to be at a place that I can really support people in a deeper way, you know, in a really powerful way in conjunction with the Nutrition.

So I will be making another video really soon to just go into more detail, but this is about saying hello, I’m still here! I’m really excited and look, it’s just incredible to be feeling so well myself and I can pass this on to others and I just think information is so important and what options are out there.

Okay, so you’ll be seeing, and hearing lots from me. So for now, checkout for more information, there’s a free discovery call with me to learn more about what I offer and how I can support you.

Okay, so, thank you! See you soon.