The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is all about getting to know you and giving you the space to express your health concerns and frustrations. We will talk about your past health history and any significant life events that may be affecting your present health concerns. I will ask you about how your digestion is functioning at present and if you have had any issues with your digestive system in the past.

Other areas that we will explore are:

  • The Immune system
  • The Cardiovascular system
  • Energy levels
  • Sleep quality
  • Joint/muscular health
  • Skin, nail and hair health
  • Any other areas that arise for the client

The next areas we will discuss are:

  • Current and past nutrition/food intake
  • Whether they are fast or a slow eaters
  • Favourite foods and dislikes
  • Client’s current work schedule and overall lifestyle patterns


My recommendations

My recommendations will be unique to you so they are sustainable and realistic for your individual needs and goals.

At the end of the first consultation, I will provide you with a folder with helpful and supportive information such as recipes, shopping lists, understanding macronutrients, liver health and the amazing benefits of slowing down with food.

I will also write out individualised recommendations on nutrition, eating psychology, lifestyle and supplements when appropriate.

All information shared during your consultations will be confidential and treated compassionately. I am here to support your highest goals so you can embrace your true potential and live your best life.


Follow-up Appointments

You will find resistance often arises when we start to introduce changes in our lives. It’s not about coming to me, getting the recommendations and just doing them ‘perfectly’. This is why follow-up appointments are so vital.

In follow-up appointments, we will discuss any resistances that came up since the last meeting. I will help you break down any barriers bit by bit, have fun with them, experiment and identify the next steps to take.