We live in a world of polarities; Light/dark, stop/go, in/out, being/doing, yin/yang, etc. We also experience an ongoing rhythm inside our bodies, such as our heartbeat, breath, and hormonal balance. Our amazing body has an innate intelligence that supports these natural rhythms. These happen without our conscious mind being involved. However, we do have the power to influence these rhythms through our thoughts and environment. Our sleep pattern, our level of stress hormones and how we eat are some examples of outside influences which can positively or negatively affect our natural biological rhythms.

When I step back from all I have learnt about our body and health, I am reminded that we are often influenced to believe we need to be ‘doing’ more, so we can achieve better health. I have personally tried to over control my health by doing more exercise and eating as healthy as possible. We are led to believe we need to exercise more and get stricter with what we eat. From personal experience and my study of eating psychology, I learned that exercising and eating from a place of fear or perfectionism, causes high levels of stress. This stress means we don’t get the health benefits we hope for.

As a health coach I see one of my main roles to be a support and guide for my clients, and give them tools to be able to sift through all the information they have gathered about health and nutrition. To discover answers to questions like what is the best next-step for them to feel well? Do they simply need more rest? Do they need to do slightly more in one area of their life? Do they need to see another therapist? I help clients to find clarity and a more relaxed approach to their health. Clients wanting to lose weight can often need to ‘lighten’ up around exercise and food. Again the paradox of less is more.

So often people need to ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more. Healing happens when we are in a relaxed state, also known as our parasympathetic mode. This is when the natural rhythms I mentioned above can be left do what they do best. The less we get in their way the better. Having the tools to listen to our body and its needs is where the magic happens. Life is a constant dance of action and inaction.

We aren’t here to dance perfectly, that would be boring.

With this in mind I aim to transform ‘exercise’ into moving our bodies more for fun and pleasure. My aim for nutrition is to be more about exploring food so it is a source of creativity, celebration and joy. This approach to our health helps us let go of trying to find the ‘perfect’ exercise routine or ‘perfect’ diet. We still need to be motivated and focused on health but being aware of when our thoughts and actions are creating more stress than is helpful for our bodies. Enjoy the dance.

Dance like nobody’s watching 🙂

Call to action: Answer the following for yourself

  • What area of your life could do with less action?
  • What area of your life may need more action?
  • How can you bring more fun movement into your life?
  • How can you bring more creativity around food into your life?