shareasimage 2 Feb 29th

Oftentimes, dieting is all about depriving yourself. You take away the foods you love for a certain length of time in order to lose weight. You spend a lot of time thinking about the food you can’t have, so at the end of your diet all you want is the food you so badly longed for. Does this sound familiar? Dieting requires you to behave contrary to your natural instincts and desires. This is not only unnatural, it triggers a biological response to stabilize, which causes you to regain any short term weight loss you may have achieved.

The sad fact about dieting culture is that it’s telling us not to trust ourselves with food. Food has become the enemy. It makes us fat. Thoughts like these are toxic nutritional beliefs.

It is important you become aware of your toxic nutritional beliefs. You need to trust your appetite and cravings. You are designed to receive pleasure when you eat and if you don’t you reach for more food. Allowing yourself to receive pleasure from food naturally balances your appetite and increases your metabolism.

I encourage you to increase pleasure through activities you love, spending time with people you love, and taking up long-lost hobbies. Food is pleasure, but if there is too much pressure for food to provide all the pleasure in our lives, then this is when you can overeat to compensate.

Start saying “yes” to your natural instincts and biology.