My Four Month Transformational Digestion Programme

A personalised one-to-one programme to radically improve your digestion, energy and confidence.

Are you frustrated with how you feel?

Do you often feel bloated and heavy after meals?

Are you experiencing acid reflux, especially after a heavy meal?

Do you get frustrated with irregular bowel movements?

Are you experiencing constipation which makes you feel very heavy and frustrated?

Have you been told that you have IBS and are confused with how you can improve your symptoms?

Have you received a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s and would love to know how to support your body to heal.

If you identify with any of these issues then I can help you

About Me

Hi, I am Alison Kingston. I have been practising as a Nutritional Therapist in Cork since 2010 and in 2015 I completed my studies with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Colorado and qualified as an Eating Psychology Coach.

While this very much compliments my work as a Nutritional Therapist, more importantly, I now have the coaching and counselling skills to support you in exploring all aspects of your life, and how these might be affecting your health and happiness.

My aim is to support and encourage you to explore all of who you are. It’s not about “fixing you”, but helping you learn and reflect on how your thoughts and habits affect how you feel.

Each and every one of us is unique, so I tailor your programme to your unique needs

Five 1:1 Consultations

We will have an initial consultation of 1 hour and 15 minutes in person or via Skype, with four additional 45-60 minute consultations.

Weekly Check-ins

I will check in with you every week throughout the four months to guide you and encourage you, and provide you with new resources to support you.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

I will provide you with personalised shopping lists, meal ideas, recipes, nutritional information sheets and a supplement protocol.

My Approach To Dealing with Digestive Issues

It is important we all remember our health issues take years to fully manifest as symptoms and we therefore need patience and compassion for our bodies to heal.

I will take you step by step through the changes that are needed so the root cause of your issue are solved.

You will understand the reason behind the changes and will therefore feel motivated to keep taking the recommended actions.

I understand the effects of a stressful job, relationship, past trauma and gently support you to navigate these situations with compassion.

I am right here with you supporting you through challenging times and encouraging you to do the best you can.

I am a big believer in not feeling restricted but empowered and excited about the changes you are making.

You deserve to feel your best!


“We have moved away from feeling our health, and are instead taught to measure it by weight, beauty, fitness ability. But health is sensorial. Measurements are a by-product, but our health, inner health is something we feel and it is unique to each one of us.”


Praise from Past Clients

I finally have my life back

Thanks to Alison I finally have my life back. When I came to consult with Alison I had been attending the hospital for approximately 2 years with severe digestive problems. Once Alison explained everything to me, and I cut out certain foods, plus started me on Supplements, I never looked back. I hope this comment encourages other sufferers to seek out Alison’s expert knowledge.

Jane Chesters

This programme is life-changing

After years of bloating, cramps and irregular bowel movements, I was finally ready to do something about it. Alison was very receptive to the root causes of my bloating etc. I am very sensitive to stress and Alison explained the link to stress and what happens as a result to our gut.

She was so compassionate and understanding. Knowing I wasn’t exaggerating my symptoms felt great. I felt better by just being in her company. She made a few simple recommendations to begin with and as each session went by I was understanding my body better and better.

This programme is life-changing and it’s so much more than a digestive programme. She looks at all aspects of your life and helps you reflect on how certain situations and actions are affecting your health issue and overall health and wellbeing. I can’t recommend Alison enough.

Lucy, Cork

I can’t thank Alison enough for all her guidance and help

I came to Alison after spending the previous 2 years going to specialists to get help for my digestive issues. I was experiencing heartburn after most of my meals. I was also getting very annoying fits of burping whenever I went for a walk. I was taking antacid medication but to be honest it was making my burping worse.

Alison took a thorough case history of my past health and current health issues. Alison first recommended a few simple swaps such as changing my bread to spelt or sourdough. She also explained the importance of eating slowly.

After a few weeks I returned to Alison and I wasn’t experiencing too much improvement. I was honest and told her I was finding it hard to slow down my eating. I realised how little time I was giving to my meals. I was eating lunch at my desk. Alison made a few more suggestions to help me slow down. She also recommended that I take a digestive enzyme before each meal to help me break down my food.

A month later I was delighted with the improvements and this encouraged me to keep going with Alison’s recommendations. After 4 months working with Alison I was rarely experiencing heartburn and my burping was happening a lot less, which was also a relief to my wife!

Alison’s expertise and knowledge are second to none. She kept things simple for me and helped me understand the effect of being stressed and eating fast.

Sean, Cork

Your Four Month Transformational Programme Payment Options

Choose between Skype or In-person Consultations and choose to make four monthly payments or receive a 15% discount when you pay in full

1:1 Skype


Initial Consultation

4 Follow up Consultations

Weekly Check-ins

Shopping Lists

Meal Ideas


Nutritional Information Sheet

Supplement Protocol

Skype Consultations



1:1 In-Person


Initial Consultation

4 Follow up Consultations

Weekly Check-ins

Shopping Lists

Meal Ideas


Nutritional Information Sheet

Supplement Protocol

In-Person or Skype Consultations



1:1 In-Person VIP


Initial Consultation

4 Follow up Consultations

Weekly Check-ins

Monthly In-Person Personal Shopping

Monthly In-Person Cooking Session


Nutritional Information Sheet

Supplement Protocol

In-Person or Skype Consultations



*Availability subject to client location

Further Insights.. 

on how I view the body and how I support all the connected systems to work optimally so you can feel and look your best.
Elimination Pathways

These pathways include the liver, colon, lymphatic system, kidneys and skin. In this day and age our bodies are bombarded with toxins from so many sources. We naturally have internal byproducts from cellular reactions, that our liver needs to deal with. When we add outside sources of toxins to an already busy liver, this is where imbalances can start to occur.

A big part of my nutritional recommendations are geared towards optimising your liver function and also the other pathways so they can all work together efficiently. It is vital all these elimination pathways are clear so the body is able to eliminate toxins that can disrupt the immune system, metabolism and many other functions in the body. In this program I give you step by step tips and suggestions to achieve this goal.


Unfortunately it is very common these days for people to suffer from some kind of digestive issue such as bloating, constipation, acid reflux or IBS symptoms. Having an optimum functioning digestion is vital so our cells can receive the maximum amount of nutrients from the food we eat.

An optimum functioning digestion will also mean there will be no undigested food fermenting in our intestines as this creates unwanted gases and toxins for our liver to deal with. In this programme I will be putting a big focus on your digestion working optimally.

Nourishing your Body

How do we get all the needed nutrients that our cells crave so they can do their magnificent work? In this programme, I teach you how to achieve this in realistic and delicious ways. It is about slowly building new habits around the food you eat, as then, eating the most nourishing foods on a daily basis becomes second nature to you.

I believe in looking at nourishment in the many other forms it comes in other than food. The soothing nourishment that comes from nature has incredible benefits to our body and soul. Nourishment that comes from a good laugh is indescribable. Vitamin fun is what I call this. The nourishment that comes from a real and authentic conversation is soul food for our cells.      

Giving ourselves time for our passions is transformational to our wellbeing.

The Nervous System

Nobody is immune to stress. We all know the negative effects that too much stress has on our health. There is very interesting and insightful research explaining how early childhood traumas and stress affects how we respond to stress in adulthood. I experienced a lot of anxiety and depression in childhood which led to a breakdown in my early 20’s. I didn’t understand and couldn’t express my feelings and emotions as a child. These suppressed emotions and anxieties had very negative effects on my nervous system and overall health.

My breakdown was really a breakthrough for me as I learnt to feel my feelings and slowly but surely healed my nervous system and improved my health. I have learnt the many elements needed to take in account to heal the nervous system. From nourishing foods to listening to nourishing music and so much more in between. During this programme, I am excited to share all the knowledge and experience I have gained over many years on my own healing journey and from working with hundreds of clients.

Further Thoughts on Digestion Issues

Digestive issues have become extremely common these days. These range from uncomfortable bloating to a more serious condition such as Crohn’s disease.

I believe the changes to our food quality and our busy lifestyles are major contributors to these issues.

It makes me sad to see so many people putting up with experiencing frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating and acid reflux.

I have seen hundreds of clients with digestive issues and it is always such a joy to hear how much better they feel after working with me.

I am passionate about ensuring my clients understand the root causes of their digestive issues. By gathering a client’s health history, medication intake, stress levels, food intake and rhythm, current symptoms and family history I can explain what I believe to be causing their digestive symptoms.

For example, low stomach acid can be a common cause of bloating and acid reflux. When our stomach acid is low, this, in particular, can lead to poor breakdown of proteins in the stomach.

With stomach acid playing an important role in activating the small intestine and pancreas to release vital enzymes, having low stomach acid leads to undigested food staying too long in the small intestine. This leads to the production of gases which cause uncomfortable bloating and when the gases push back up through the stomach this may cause acid reflux.