New begining

Do you set New Year resolutions every year? If so, do they work out well for you, or do they fall by the wayside shortly into the new year?

I have personally learnt that I do not do well with the pressure to keep rules I set at the start of a new year. I now know I do much better with simple intentions for how I want to feel. The actions needed to feel this way then come naturally. For example, if I want to feel more flexible and relaxed, I set the intention to do gentle stretches in the mornings. I plan for just a few minutes of these stretches. While I’m on the floor, if I feel like doing more because I feel better, I do. The trick for me is to set the simplest of plans so I will actually start to do the stretches, and after that anything is possible.

It’s great to check in with ourselves often and adjust our intentions as needed. Our schedules and needs change often and therefore our desires and actions need to be adjusted also. Start with how you want to feel and then the action hopefully follows. Start simple to build momentum.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Confucius

I wish you well on your journey.