This time last year I shared what I wanted to feel more of, for both my business and my health with a great friend who is also a wonderful business coach. Jo refers to this as having your ‘word’ for the year.

Now looking back on these words I shared, I can see how they have absolutely come true but in the most unexpected ways! I share this in the video and it has proven to me the power of getting beneath our ‘goals’ and also sharing them with others.

In this video, I talk about exploring beneath our goals for the new year. For example, let’s say we decide we want to get fitter for the new year. I want to take this goal a step further and ask why you want to get fitter. What’s the feeling you would like to feel more of from getting fitter. Such as, is it wanting to feel more confident, feel stronger or feel more joyful?

When we get to the core of how we really want to feel, then we can take the best actions to achieve this and sometimes these actions are not what we expect.

I have a new ‘word’ picked for the coming year that you hear about in the video.

I hope you enjoy this powerful perspective and I would love to hear your word/words for the coming year and beyond.

I hope you all have a lovely break over Christmas.


Video Transcription:

Hello from lovely West Cork. I’m here on one of my favorite beaches Inchydoney, on this lovely fresh day, hence all the layers. I want to continue on from my video two weeks ago, which is called ‘Christmas Tips’.

So, I give a refreshing perspective on food and our relationship with food this time of year and into January. I recommend to watch that if you’re interested in hearing my perspective around food. And to stay on the subject of I suppose, refreshing perspectives, when it comes to like this time of year and obviously into the new year, firstly it’s a great time to reflect on our year.

And then yes, setting new goals and intentions, but sometimes, we can set unrealistic goals, or goals that actually aren’t going to give us our true desires. So there’s a lady I follow called Danielle LaPorte, and she’s all about tuning into our core desire feelings.

So that could be wanting to feel more joy in our lives, more nourishment, more connection. So when we start from a place of what we’re really wanting, then our actions and goals can kind of stem from that.

So last year, a really good friend Jo Bendle, who I met in Malaga, I was there last December when we got chatting and she was like, what’s your word for your business for the coming year? And I thought about it and I told her it was visibility and then I thought about for my health and body, I chose flexibility.

And now looking back on my year, I can see how the first half of the year was anything but either of those. So because I wasn’t feeling well and especially into May, June when I had anxiety and depression and poor sleep. I was definitely not visible in my business cause I needed to come off social media for my own mental health and I wasn’t feeling flexible in my mind or body.

But now like, thankfully after finding my Neurofeedback brain training system that has just helped me in so many ways. So that definitely helped my brain flexibility. I just feel overall just so much more resilient and flexible with everyday life. I’m a lot more visible in my business because I have a whole new service I’m bringing to clients and I’m happy to be talking about that more.

So, yes, the power of sharing! So I would like to prompt you to reflect now on like how you really want to feel when it comes to your health. When we set goals, like I want to be fitter, someone wants to lose weight, but what are they really wanting? Is it to feel, you know, more joyful, more confident, just more happiness. So, our actions then can come from when we know what we are really looking for.

So mine is connection. So I want to feel connected to my body, connected to my intuition, connected with my clients, my family, my friends. So actions like meditating in the morning and moving my body are definitely actions that I know I need to feel more connected.

Okay, so I’d love to hear from you. Send me private messages, emails, comment below. I’d like to know if you have a word and putting your feeling with that word, what’s the feeling that you feel, with that word and that you want more of in the coming year and beyond.

Okay, I’m sure I’ll talk more about this. For now, have lovely Christmas and chat soon. Take care.