I use Lifewave’s stem cell patch called x39 to support clients to recover better from injuries.

This stem cell patch uses a patented form of phototherapy. In simple terms, this is a method of light therapy to naturally activate beneficial molecules in our body.

Just like UV light from the sun penetrates our skin and activates melanin and Vitamin D production, a light wave gets produced from the heat of our skin and the patch. This lightwave then starts to elevate a peptide which activates our own stem cell production.

Benefits of the Stem Cell Enhancing X39 Patch

The benefits from activating this peptide and stem cell production are:

Better Injury and Wound Healing

Rapid Pain Relief

Improved Recovery from Exercise

Deeper Sleep

Reduction of the Appearance of Lines and Wrinkles.

The X39 in Practice

One of my first experiences of the incredible healing this patch can activate is when I gave patches to an international hockey player, to use on his knee. He had struggled with his cruciate ligament for the previous 9 months.

He was told that the ligament was hanging by a thread and would more than likely need surgery. He was doing exercises his physio gave to him but was still really struggling to recover.

I told him to use the x39 stem cell patch on his knee for 12 hours a day. After 3 weeks he couldn’t believe the difference. His knee was 90% better after 3 weeks.

    Issues Treated

    I have helped people recover from:

    • Frozen shoulder
    • Tennis/golf elbow
    • Hip pain
    • Knee pain
    • Scaring
    • Back pain
    • Old scar tissue
    • Ligament damage
    • Neck pain
    • Migraine

    Consultation and One month supply of X39 Patches

    I combine nutritional advice and the x39 patch to support better injury recovery.

    Book a discovery call to learn more.

    Client Testimonials

    I was playing a match in the Irish Hockey league and a ball was hit by the opposing player towards the goal where I was defending. My little finger was crushed against my stick and burst open. X-ray showed that there was a tuft fracture of the finger and the bone had been shattered and couldn’t be wired. The real concern was that the open skin started to go blue and the skin may die. The plastic surgeon said that there was a chance that the skin wouldn’t heal and they would have to shorten the tip of my finger to where healthy tissue was. After a week of healing a scab formed and I started using the stem cell patch. I definitely feel that it helped the healing process and allowed me to come back to training a lot sooner than I thought. Without the patch I may have lost the top of my finger.

    Phil Byrne

    I pulled my hamstring while playing hockey and started using the x39 straight away to support it to heal as fast as possible. I couldn’t get an appointment with my regular physio for 3 weeks and when I did go to him he couldn’t believe how soft my muscle felt as typically it would feel very rough after only 3 weeks. I was back playing matches a lot quicker than expected. I love these patches.

    Alex Burns

    When I cut my finger very badly and ended up in E & A I was so frustrated as my job as a chef was going to be affected until my finger healed. A friend of mine kindly gave me stem cell patches to put over my bandage. I didn’t understand how they worked but I wore the patch for the next 3 days. When I went back to the hospital to take off the bandage, they couldn’t believe how well my cut was healing. I knew straight away the patch was the reason for my finger healing so well. They are incredible and I have told lots of people about them since. Everyone needs them in their firstaid kit!