This simple 3-minute morning routine gives me a positive mindset each day. It makes me feel happier and more productive.

I firstly need to thank my brother for sharing a link with a great article all about a simple morning routine and all its benefits.

We decided it was very manageable and we would keep each other accountable and commit to doing this each morning.

In my video, I share my slightly adapted version of this morning routine.

Each morning take a pen and paper and write down these 3 prompts:

  • I am letting go of…
  • I am grateful for….
  • I am focusing on….

It is as simple as finishing these sentences. If you feel inspired and want to write more after each sentence, go for it.

I find writing really therapeutic and we don’t do enough of it these days.

I would love to hear if you decide to give this a go and if so let’s keep each other accountable.

Here is the original article that inspired me:


Video Transcription:

Hi there! In today’s video I’m sharing about a simple morning routine that I’ve started doing in the last few weeks.

It began with my brother sharing me a link, about this particular morning routine and all it’s benefits. So we decided to keep each other accountable and commit to doing this each morning.

The benefits of this particular morning routine including having a more positive mindset for the day, being less distracted, so more focused on what you want to achieve and feeling happier and lighter.

Okay, so first you need a pen and paper and then it literally is three prompts that you write down.

The first one is “I am letting go of…”. So what’s distracting you? What’s on your mind that’s pulling you down? So get that down on paper.

The next one is saying ”I am grateful for…”. So what are you grateful for? And an extra tip is really feeling that in your heart and feeling that nice warm feeling.

And then the next is writing down ”I am focused on…”. What’s that main focus for your day? Okay, I either do it first thing in the morning, still in bed or else I like to do it when I sit down on my desk to start my day, I like to write it down then and maybe a cup of coffee in my hand, after my water of course!

Okay, so I’d love to hear if you’re going to commit to this, let’s keep each other accountable and it’s to be an enjoyable process. So thank you! All the best.