A refreshing perspective on food for Christmas and beyond……

In this video I share really important tips to support you having more enjoyment from your food and improve your wellbeing in the long run.

It can be common to end up eating to a level of discomfort during Christmas. One reason for this is because we have already decided we will restrict our food and drinks in January. We say we will be ‘good’ in the New Year so we can allow ourselves to be ‘bad’ during Christmas.

I believe this mindset is really limiting and can create a negative relationship with food and our bodies.

I explain in the video the importance of shifting our mindset from cutting out certain foods in January, to one where we will aim to add more helpful habits such as going to bed earlier, spending less time on technology and adding more movement daily.

Without our restrictive mindset for the new year we don’t feel the need to eat more of the foods and drinks we aim to give up.

I also share simple things we can do right now to feel better while still enjoying this time of year to the fullest.

I’m also very aware of the added stress this time of year can bring and therefore the importance of enjoying our food and a few drinks instead of over indulging so much that we feel uncomfortable and don’t feel well the next day.

I hope these tips are helpful and give a refreshing perspective on food this Christmas and beyond.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.