In October 2011 I  packed my bags and headed to South America for 3 months, all by myself!

When I booked this trip of a life time I was full of confidence, anticipation, excitement and joy. I was visualising all the amazing experiences I was about to encounter; discover how the Inca’s built their exceptional temples and cities, including the magical Machu Picchu, taste the delights of the Peruvian cuisine and much more. I had also planned a week with the wonderful shaman Luzclara in the Andes in Chile which would include going up the Andes on horse-back and camping out in the wilderness for 2 nights.

How lucky was I?!!

Well then reality hit a month before actually packing my bags. I felt a whole lot different! As with any big change in our lives, we can feel fearful, apprehensive and alone. Well throw these into the pot plus any insecurities I had kept well hidden.

Similar to many people on quests to ‘find themselves’ so to speak we can feel we have dealt with issues/wounds from the past and have moved on from them!!

These insecurities/wounds etc like to be seen and accepted and if they aren’t will come to the surface at some stage. With my big adventure looming, this was not the time to breakdown and have all ‘my stuff’ come up to the surface to look at. I say ‘look at’ because I now understand a bit better that we aren’t here to deal with stuff but here to accept and love the whole of us. Yes all these negative traits that we like to push down or to the side when they just aren’t appropriate or attractive.

Somehow I got on the plane!! I explored, cried, ate cherries from a tree, climbed, slept under the stars, felt sad, drummed, met new people, sunbathed on Christmas day, felt alone, travelled on a very bumpy bus overnight, got my phone stolen and saw lots of cathedrals.

When I arrived home I was delighted to see my family and friends but I also felt guilty, ashamed and fearful. These feelings were for various reasons. The trip was a lot different to that which I imagined when booking. It was an inner journey even more than an outer journey. I knew my family worried about me while I was away like any family would. I felt guilty for not doing some of the things I expected myself to do. I was now fearful of what was next for me. I still felt quite lost and sad. I was confused as to who the real me was and what I really wanted to do now.

I was working in the wonderful An Tobairin Health Food Shop in Bandon before leaving and seeing clients as a nutritional therapist.

Was I to step right back into life as it was before traveling or was I to shake things up and make a few changes?

I wasn’t going to rush back into work as I still needed time to get my head around things.

3 days after coming home I was reading Positive Life magazine and one ad caught my attention – ‘Brainwave Optimisation’. That’s an interesting concept I thought. I set out to do some research.

What incredible information and testimonials I found. This technology is able to scan our brainwaves in the 7 different regions of the brain and see where imbalances may be occurring.

I had in the past done a sound therapy called ‘The Listening Program” and had found it excellent for comprehension, expression, energy and lots more.

As I had some learning difficulties in school which weren’t ever pin pointed, in recent years I had set out to help my brain and well-being in any way I could (alternative as possible of course!!)

Brainwave optimisation was in a whole league of its own when it came to sound therapy, as you can actually get to listen to your own brainwaves through sound. It’s like your brain now sees/hears itself and can fix imbalances that could have occurred even before birth. A great book that explains it all and more is called ‘Limitless You’.

I booked in for a week of brainwave optimisation sessions.

The scan confirmed things that I had always felt but had found difficult to articulate. It showed a significant amount of imbalances, especially between the front and back of my brain.

After the week I felt ultra relaxed, clear and joyful.

I got out of my own way with life and boy have things started to fall into place.

Here I am back seeing clients, doing talks and working as a part-time rep for a company I love! I had decided to not work in the health shop anymore but the buzz of chatting and helping people all day is actually so addictive that I am hoping to fill in when needed.

New doors are opening everyday and my arms are open wide. I’m energised, passionate and truly excited about my future and others. The darkness has passed but will always be there to show me how bright this life can be and is. I’m forever grateful to my family and friends who showed me unconditional love, kindness, guidance and money when needed!!

I can’t wait to share my own experiences and health/nutritional tips I stumble across from now on.

Main lesson learnt – embrace the whole of yourself, warts and all!!

Go Shine