A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending a lecture that informed me and others about very exciting research on natural ways that may help to prevent cancer and even stop it in it’s tracks once present in the body. In 2002 compounds found in fruit, vegetables and herbs called salvestrols were discovered. The researchers are experts in cancer research and they found an enzyme (CYP1B1) which is exclusive to cancer cells. This was a major breakthrough as it could mean there is a unique way of treating cancer cells.

Until now unfortunately the majority of drugs used to treat cancer are not truly selective for killing cancer cells. This means healthy cells are also targeted in the process of trying to kill the deadly cancer cells. The researchers found that Salvestrols found in fruits, vegetables and herbs were actually able to target the enzyme in cancer cells and in a lot of cases can switch off the activity of the cell. This could mean that the cell can not survive without this enzyme intact and thus reduce and hopefully totally eliminate cancer cells in the body!

This is truly an astounding breakthrough, however, I can’t help pointing out that the truth behind this research may never become public knowledge as pharmaceuticals make too much money failing to cure cancer!! Their drugs haven’t worked well, even Australian oncologists recently stated that the benefits of chemotherapy are generally in the region of 2%. These are just shocking statistics! However these drugs are still making billions a year from hospitals using these toxic drugs every day.

Salvestrols won’t get the funding to do clinical trials as these compounds can’t be patented. No profit = No funding!

What has our world come to if peoples lives don’t come before money. Claims can’t be made to say Salvestrols may cure cancer as without clinical trials this can’t be proven.  Many case studies show that cancer patients taking Salvestrols in capsule form have recovered from cancer. However these people would have also made other changes to their diets and may have had other treatments. It can’t be proven that it was definitely the salvestrols that cured the cancer but it’s no harm to say they can play a major part in peoples recovery from cancer.

Interestingly we can all increase our intake of Salvestrols by eating colourful organic fruits, vegetables and herbs daily. The reason they should ideally be organic is because plants produce Salvestrols during growth to protect against fungus. However if fungicides have been sprayed on the plants then the plants don’t need to protect themselves. Again nature knows best!

Forget 5 a day, we should be aiming for at least 10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  Statistics  say 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer, and it kills 1 person in 4. So we need to forget the whinging and fill our plates with colour.  I recommend having 2/3 servings of fruit and the rest vegetables every  day. The reason for this is that fruit is high in sugar and this can be food for cancer cells. Berries are the best fruits to have. Add herbs at the end of cooking or as a condiment with all meals. If a person has cancer then they need to do this plus take Salvesterols in high doses in capsule form. Also if a person has had cancer in the past it would be wise to take a preventative dose.

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