This week, I want to talk more about Ritual and food. We now know that eating foods we are going to enjoy is very beneficial for our hormones and digestion. To gain even more benefits and pleasure from our food and drinks it’s great to create a ritual around these foods we particularly enjoy. This can be as simple as drinking from your favourite cup or sitting in a comfortable seat. We eat and drink to satisfy hunger and thirst but also for enjoyment and pleasure. The reason we often over eat is because we have eaten unconsciously and missed the pleasure part of the food. By creating a simple ritual when we eat or drink we become more aware of taste, smell and texture and gain so much more from the experience.

Foods and drinks that people might consider ‘bad’ for us can be totally transformed by how we consume them. Lets say coffee for  example, there is a big difference between a person drinking coffee on the run or while driving compared to a person sitting down in a relaxed environment aware of every sip and truly enjoying it. I mentioned quality last week, and here, again: if the quality of the coffee is good and has a feel-good story about it for example if it’s fair-trade coffee, it will add even more good vibes to the experience.

I’ll share a few other suggestions about rituals around food and drinks: We can say a simple “thank you” for what we’re going to consume, this can be to all the people and energy involved in the process to get this food or drink we’re now enjoying to us. Taking a deep breath before eating is great to become present in this moment and bring oxygen into the digestive system. Lighting a candle at meal time to create a different feel, like one of celebration. There will be times you want to eat/drink with others and times on your own – honour what you want at that time.

It really is the simple actions that can make the biggest differences to how we feel. Please do give yourself the best chance of feeling well and joyful.