In today’s video, I talk about the great benefits of the mineral Magnesium. These benefits include supporting:

– A healthy nervous system
– Energy production
– Relaxation of muscles
– Healthy bones

Our needs for magnesium increase when we are stressed and when we exercise. 400mg is our recommended daily allowance, but our needs are usually a lot more than this to ensure we reach optimum levels.

The main food sources of magnesium include:

– Leafy greens
– Nuts and seeds
– Beans
– Oily fish
– Dark chocolate
– Avocado
– Banana

Another way to increase your magnesium levels is to take a bath with Epsom salts, or even just a foot bath before bed is an ideal way to support good quality sleep.

Magnesium spray is excellent to directly put on tense muscles such as your neck or shoulders. If you do a lot of sport, using the spray on your legs is a great way to reduce cramps.

To take magnesium internally, it’s important to look for supplements easy to absorb. I like powder or capsule form. Ask in your local health shop to find the best one for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this topic.


Video Transcription:

Hi there! In today’s video I’m sharing about the wonderful benefits of the mineral magnesium, and how to make sure we’re getting enough of this each day.

So the main benefits of having enough magnesium include having a healthy nervous system. It’s supportive for our immune system. It’s important for our energy production and it supports relaxing our muscles and also for healthy bones it’s really important.

So how do we make sure we get enough magnesium each day? We first look at how we get it through our food. So the main sources of magnesium include leafy greens.

So include at least one serving of spinach or kale, also nuts and seeds have good amounts of magnesium. Almonds are one of my favorites to include. You can have almond butter on oat cakes or adding with apple for example.

Also beans have magnesium, avocado, bananas. So you do your best to get as many of these sources in, and also when we’re stressed, exercising, we need even extra magnesium.

So other ways would include having an epsom salt bath, a foot bath before bed is really supportive to help a good nights sleep.

And then there is magnesium spray that you can put directly onto maybe tight muscles on our neck, our shoulders, and our leg muscles, especially if you’ve been running, for example.

And also in your local health shop, you’ll find magnesium and powder and in capsule form.

Okay, hope this is helpful! Take care!