Following on from last weeks post ‘Please Do Not Start A Diet In January’, my aim is to continue the theme of getting off the roller-coaster of being good or bad. I personally can slip back into the mindset of thinking that if I eat food that I consider unhealthy today I will be extra good tomorrow. These thoughts comfort me and make me feel less guilty for eating unhealthy foods. These thoughts are trying to help me, but ultimately they keep me on the roller-coaster of being good or bad. I decided to choose different thoughts, which are to enjoy my food now, create good feelings and eat slowly and consciously. I do my best to let go of labelling food as “good,” or “bad”.

The concept of dieting has brainwashed us into thinking we are being “good” when dieting, or “bad” when we’re not dieting. This is an energy drain and prevents us the freedom around food. The advice I give myself and try to practice is to:

– Learn what foods feel good while eating and also after eating
– Know where the food has come from and if there are many added ingredients
– Experience different flavours and textures when I eat
– Eat slowly and take a little break in the middle of a meal

I aim to follow this advice, but if I don’t I try not to beat myself up and just let it go. I hope you can benefit from this advice. I’ve also found it helpful to learn and understand what foods help fuel our cells so our cravings don’t take over.

-Eat fats! Yes yes yes please eat fats. Include more real butter, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, nuts, seeds, avocado, dark chocolate and fat from good quality meat. When we still have cravings after a meal it may mean our cells didn’t receive the ingredients they need. Fat is a massive part of healthy cells so we therefore need healthy fats with each meal. As much as possible avoid fats gone through a factory as these are damaged and not what our cells are looking for.

-Reduce the easy to ‘turn into sugar foods’, such as bread, pasta, scones and potatoes. You can still enjoy them but as they are fuel there is only so much you need at one time. I like to think of it this way: Would you overflow your car with petrol?

-Quality protein like fats are used by our cells, protein helps to rebuild and repair our bodies. These foods are very satisfying.

-Load up on the vegetables to provide fibre and lots of useful nutrients.

Slow down around food, taste, savour and enjoy it. Have a lovely relaxed Christmas and see you on the other side 🙂