I recently introduced an advanced brain training system to my practice and in this video I explain how it works and how it helped me personally with my anxiety and poor sleep patterns.

I also talk about the other benefits such as enhanced focus, motivation, creativity and memory.

Combined with my years of Nutrition and Eating Psychology experience, I am delighted to add this new service to my business.

To learn more visit www.alisonhealth.com/neuroptimal/ and book a free discovery call with me.


Video Transcription:

Hi there! In today’s video I’m explaining more about the brain training system that really helped me with my anxiety, feelings of overwhelm and sleep issues.

It’s known as a dynamic neurofeedback brain training system and it was developed by two clinical psychologists after years of research. It’s non-invasive, it’s totally safe and it’s a really relaxing experience listening to music for 33 minutes.

So first, there’s two sensors placed on the scalp and three on the ears. So this is bringing the whole electrical activity of the brain, the full spectrum of the brainwave activity into a sophisticated software that is looking for sudden changes in brainwave activity.

And this then is translated to the brain and central nervous system via pauses in the music. So the brain gets to see itself. It gets to see it’s activity, and decide whether that’s the best activity for the brain. So it’s a lasting change like with each brain training session, the brain is finding that sweet spot.

So it’s like learning to ride a bike. When you learn, and you can ride the bike, that’s something you don’t unlearn. So that’s the same with the brain training. The brain is really learning that ultimate balance and it’s gaining flexibility and resilience, and it holds. So that’s extremely powerful.

So from anxiety, depression to better focus, concentration, memory, it’s supporting such a wide spectrum of issues and enhancing things like the focus and concentration, supporting recovery from brain injury.

So if you want to learn more, book a discovery call with me. Thank you!