I have a challenge I believe you will enjoy.

Eat a meal or a particular food that you rarely allow yourself to eat because of the belief that it is “bad” for you.

Let me explain why.

When we label certain foods “bad” and deny ourselves a particular food or meal, we create an unhealthy relationship with this food. We want the enjoyment that comes with it, but if we take it in, we feel bad about ourselves. Not only do we deny ourselves our favourite foods, but when we do eat it, we don’t fully enjoy the experience that it brings.

I want you to do your best to let go of the label. See the food, and each bite in it, as being the delicious and irresistible food that it is. Allow yourself to experience each bite fully and luxuriate in it. The pleasure alone creates a chain reaction of positive hormones and chemicals throughout the body. Our digestion is turned on to the optimum level, on account of pleasure being the most powerful anti-stress signal. In this mode, the body is at it’s most beneficial for producing digestive juices, and as the body feels safe, metabolism is optimal.

The ‘bad’ food will naturally take on a very different place in your life. It becomes no longer the forbidden fruit, and its allure is turned down in your mind. When you want this food, have it and enjoy it to the max. Trust that you won’t want to eat it all day every day.

You might be surprised by how little it crosses your mind once you have let yourself enjoy eating it.