Ready to make a change? It could be more difficult than you think. You’ve decided to change a behavior or habit, you prepare to make the change, you make the change, but then you find yourself slipping back into your old habits soon after.

The result is that you are left feeling disheartened and disappointed. Maybe you should just try harder or maybe push yourself more. This type of thinking will only lead to continued disappointment.

I want to discuss one unexpected reason why sustaining a change in behaviour can be difficult. Studies have proven that your childhood environment has a major effect on your adult habits and behaviors.

It’s likely that your negative habits were considered acceptable behavior by your family and friends. Your friends might even see your negative behaviour as part of your friendship.

Examples of behaviours that can become normal and acceptable to your family and friends include:

  • Always working and little time for rest
  • Suppressing emotions
  • Not truly listening to each other’s needs
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Late to bed
  • Fast eating
  • Smoking

You decide you want to change a behaviour you feel isn’t supporting your health goals. If you don’t get support from your family and friends, this can make it very difficult to sustain the change. Your decision to make a change in your life can make those around you feel awkward and uncomfortable. You suddenly feel like an outsider and not as accepted and loved as before the change. Those you care about most aren’t in your corner for reasons they may not even be conscious of.

If you aren’t surrounded by people who support your positive life decisions, it’s unlikely you will be able to sustain these changes. Being aware of this before you make the change will help you gather a tribe that support you. This can be a group online or a group you join in your town or city.

We thrive when we feel supported, loved and connected.

Go find your tribe.