We have been given this wondrous body that does an incomprehensible amount of work every second of every day. In our busy and often stressful lives we can lose our connection with our true feelings and needs of our body. We expect so much, yet we largely take our body for granted. If everything is well, we are likely to think nothing of it, then we berate our body when it doesn’t do what we ask. We beat it up with negative thoughts and actions. Unfortunately, some of us even try hating it into doing what we want.

We tend to believe the stricter we are with what we eat and how we exercise, then the body will immediately snap into action. We get upset and frustrated when it rebels against us in whatever form; It’s not the ‘weight’ we want it to be, it isn’t giving us enough energy, it’s in pain at inconvenient times. We reach outside of ourselves for answers wishing and hoping the next diet or exercise routine will ‘fix’ us. There is another path.

I invite you to welcome your body home. Imagine you are meeting your body for the first time.

Be curious. Be childlike. Be amazed

Let’s begin a fresh start with our bodies

Let’s get to know each other again

Let’s open our lines of communication

Let’s welcome our body home

Treat your body like you would a vulnerable child.  Ask them what it deeply needs from you and how would they like you to care for them. If your body could speak to you what might it ask from you?

Does it want to be accepted just as it is right now?

Does it want to be given time to replenish and recover?

Does it want to be playful and free?

Welcome your bodies home with open arms. Get to know each other again and start your journey of acceptance, discovery and joy. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

Call to action:

  • Create a space where you can be alone
  • Add some of your favourite things such as a flower, candle, cushion, music, etc
  • Have something to write with
  • Imagine your body being able to speak
  • Ask it what it wants you to hear
  • Be light and just let things flow, there is no right or wrong way to do this
  • Explore turning this into a daily/weekly ritual